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Sept 14, 2002
A new quiz has been created. It has questions from the first one, and newly added questions. Also, we found out that the original quiz had a bug! The answers did not randomize properly, but now they do. The winner of this contest will receive 5 packs of any 1st Edition Cards (if we have stock).

Magic Ruler preview has been posted in the database section, thanks to Ghoulman!
Price Guides have been updated for August for both LOB and MRD cards.

Sept 11, 2002
Please take a moment to reflect upon what happend 1 year ago
We would like to thank Ghoulman for joining our staff! As many of you know, he is one of the largest contributors to our site.

WEBSTORE SPECIAL Wow, our webstore is offering FREE Shipping! it's our end of summer clearance sale. The free shipping also applies to our Pre Orders of the 1st Edition Magic Ruler cards. So head on over and check it out. email us if you have any questions/concerns.

Sept 7, 2002
Final Atonement is the winner of August's Quiz Challenge. Although, Duelist55 was tied with points, Final Atonement was the first to achieve the high score. He/She will be receiving 5 Packs of 1st Edition Magic Ruler Cards to be released on Sept 16.

September's quiz is currently being developed. It will feature new questions, much more challenging than the first one.

Card of the Week has been created, it will be maintained and updated (unlike some sites)

We are currently looking for a couple positions, send us an email if you think you can help us

Major sites updates will only take place on saturdays from now on. This is due to the fact that 2xhelix and Cyberslayer are both back in school.

Aug 31, 2002
Wow, we were down for 2 days. Our DNS has been changed, and we are on the new server! There are a few more hours before the Quiz is over, so head on over and try to win this month's prize. Look for a lot of updates tonite, we are going to be adding our Card of the Week Section.

Aug 24, 2002
Well, most of our site has been moved to the new host. But the DNS server's haven't been registered yet. 2xhelix is going away for a short trip over the weekend, so no updates for this weekend. But wait until monday, we have a full new section of articles to post! We have a back log of some card review and card combos, don't worry we will be getting to them shortly! If anyone has episode summaries, please submit them as well! Cya guys on monday.

Aug 16, 2002
We added a new affiliate, so go check out his site! Also, you will notice we are slowly working on our media section. We have a lot of original pictures and wallpapers made so hopefully you guys will enjoy them. Also, we are switching hosts! Expect some down time in the upcoming days as we begin to move.
AUCTIONS are ready to go! check it out in the trading section

Aug 13, 2002
Please vote for our site, we have decided to use the genric popup window and see the results for 1 week. The quiz seems to be a big hit, with a few users dominating the high scores! Remember the prize is packages of the upcoming Magic Ruler booster packs.

Aug 11, 2002
Moved the affilate bar to the right side. Why? so you guys can click on them of course =)
Also, we have put up a interactive quiz to see how much you know about Yu-Gi-Oh! Look for updates, because we will be giving out great prizes to people who score high on the quiz. What's the prize? 1st Edition packs of the upcoming Magic Ruler series. Our webstore has a few boxes on order, and they will be sold for a really good price.

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